The Shocking Truth of Paracetamol

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The Shocking Truth of Paracetamol gives you access to the findings of credible scientific studies published in prestigious medical journals that refute the claim that paracetamol is safe and effective. The information in this book is extremely crucial for each and every person, because this drug is widely used to suppress every episode of fever and pain. The long-term health complications associated with paracetamol are asthma, liver failure, kidney failure, debilitating chronic diseases, impaired neurodevelopment, and in extreme cases has been shown to increase the risk of autism. This book also serves as a guide to managing fever and flu without drugs to avoid future health complications.

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Dr. Singh has taken up the courageous task of educating the people about their own bodies, which in itself is a noble act. The book carefully details many research papers as well as testimonials that bolster the fact that our immune systems are intelligent enough to uphold our well being. Also, it mentions how fevers and colds are our body’s natural detox mechanism and should be supported instead of suppressed. The suppression of first stage of symptoms, leads to complicated health issues later in life. Thank you Dr. Singh for writing this book and hope people read it and follow nature or God’s way.

– Tanu Deb

A Big THANK YOU to Dr. Kamalpreet Singh for writing this much needed book on the Real SHOCKING TRUTH about this drug called Paracetamol… People just keep on popping it into their mouths without a 2nd thought & giving it to their little children too at the very 1st sign of cold cough fever or aches / pains (acute dis-eases) without realising the extreme damage this drug is causing to the Liver.. The Liver damage is so great that the manufacturers of this drug are forced to print it on their package.. however no one reads it and keep on popping it at the 1st symptom.. every one should have the knowledge that these acute dis-eases are to be celebrated as they are the body’s primary detox mechanism and they should NEVER be suppressed with the paracetamol drug as it will lead to chronic dis-eases like heart ailments, asthma, diabetes, etc & even cancer.. So please pick up this book today and learn the Shocking truth of Paracetamol!!!

– Nisha Koiri

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