Healing Stories

Diabetes Type-1 & Type-2

Diabetes is one of the most prevalent diseases all over the world and India has the largest number of diabetes patients. One of the most basic reasons for diabetes are the inactive lifestyle that most of the people live. Along with that, the pollution, food adulteration, are also the factors that lead to diabetes. In order to cure diabetes, one must make changes in the lifestyle and eating habits. Along with eating habits, one needs to eliminate the sources of stress from life, and indulge in some physical activities.

Harkirat Singh, age 5, reversed T1D in 14 days!

Hypertension & Heart Disease

Blood Pressure disorder is one of the most prevalent health conditions in the world. A huge portion of world population is affected by this condition. This is caused due to bad food habits, build-up of excess of toxins in the body. Additionally, sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise can also contribute to this disease as well. If not addresses correctly, this disease can also lead to many other problems such as cardio vascular disorders, mental disorders and even Brain hemorrhage.

Paramjeet Singh reverses T2D, Blood Pressure and Thyroid Issue


Male Sexual Problems

Many youngsters are depressed because of underlying sexual weakness. We offer nutrition and natural therapy to reverse these issues.

Prateek Singh suffered from Nightfall. By following Satvik diet and lifestyle, he was fully cured.