Healing Stories

Diabetes Type-1 & Type-2

Diabetes is one of the most prevalent diseases all over the world and India has the largest number of diabetes patients. One of the most basic reasons for diabetes are the inactive lifestyle that most of the people live. Along with that, the pollution, food adulteration, are also the factors that lead to diabetes. In order to cure diabetes, one must make changes in the lifestyle and eating habits. Along with eating habits, one needs to eliminate the sources of stress from life, and indulge in some physical activities.

Swaran Singh, age 64, was diabetic with blood sugar readings as high as 556. He had swelling, weakness, pain and heat in food. After following GoSatvik​ lifestyle and diet plan, he was able to reverse diabetes within few weeks. He is no longer diabetic. He has got rid of all his medicines.
Manjeet Kaur, a Delhiite, decided to become her own doctor of diabetes, she switched to GoSatvik​ lifestyle and within a few weeks she was able to bring down her sugar levels. She got permanent relief from pain in legs. She also feels energetic and active. She has got rid of her pills and drugs.
Diabetes Type-1 Reversal video | How insulin dosage reduced from 90 units to 12 units in 6 months!
Bhai sahib ji got all these diseases as a side effect of hospital treatment. He was eating about 10 pills daily. After following GoSatvik way of life, he has got healthy and rid of his pills. Thanks sir for sharing his experience.
Narinder Singh Kohli experienced frequent urination, weak eyesight, pain in legs due to hyperglycemia. He also got dizziness as an adverse effect of the diabetes medicines and also had pain in his finger joints. Within 1 week of following GoSatvik​ lifestyle, he was able to reverse all his health issues naturally. He is free from harmful medicines now.
Consuming mangoes and watermelon permanently cured Swaran Singh from Diabetes type-2
Diabetes Type-1 Reversal testimonial | Kabeer, age 2 years | Insulin requirement reduced by 50%
Abheek Das fully cured Diabetes type-2 in 3 months without medicines by changing diet and lifestyle

Hypertension & Heart Disease

Blood Pressure disorder is one of the most prevalent health conditions in the world. A huge portion of world population is affected by this condition. This is caused due to bad food habits, build-up of excess of toxins in the body. Additionally, sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise can also contribute to this disease as well. If not addresses correctly, this disease can also lead to many other problems such as cardio vascular disorders, mental disorders and even Brain hemorrhage.

Tripat Kaur, a resident of Delhi, not only cured her Hypertension, body pain, but found her life completely transformed after adopting #GoSatvik​ lifestyle
Aneetpal Singh fully cured Diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol in 2 months without medicines
Parvinder Pal Kaur, a resident of Nagpur; had low blood pressure, and her significant half had high blood pressure. Within 1 week of following #GoSatvik​ lifestyle, they were able to reverse the health issues. They got rid of all the BP drugs and related adverse effects.


Arthritis is a problem of bones and joints where the joints get inflammation and cause pain as well as limited range of movement. There can be many different forms of Arthritis with different cause. Some of the most eminent causes of arthritis include old age, bad food habits, lack of movement and degenerative diseases. The arthritis can be efficiently managed with yoga, exercises, diet changes and natural therapies. At Gosatvik, we have special packages designed for the treatment of the various type of arthritis. The procedures offered by us focus on treating the main causes of arthritis and balancing the Vata, Pitta, and Kafa creating a better state of well being.

Thyroid Malfunction

Thyroid is a health condition that arises in the body due to abnormal production of the thyroid hormones by the thyroid gland. The symptoms of thyroid problems include unexplained weight loss or weight gain, constant fatigue, constipation, irritability, irregular heart beat and so forth. Thyroid can be treated efficiently with the help of natural therapies, diet and herbal modalities. Along with that, stress management is also essential. At Go Satvik, we offer the best therapies and modalities that are extremely helpful in controlling of the thyroid hormones and control the problem of Thyroid. Special diet is provided to control the thyroid in the most efficient manner.

Rupinder Kaur, age 52, was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, knee pain, as a result of increasing weight. She experienced fatigue and breathlessness. Within 2 months of following GoSatvik​ lifestyle, prayers, diet plan, she was able to reverse the symptoms naturally. She has got rid of thyroid medicine.

Digestive Disorders (Gas/Constipation)

Gas is another name for bloating. When undigested food is left over in the intestines due to bad digestion, it creates gases inside the intestine. These gases can cause bloating. As the gases travel through the body, they cause many problems. Due to gas, problems like joint pain, headache, high blood pressure and sometimes heart attacks. In order to treat problem of gas, first of the body must be cleanses and then it has to be treated with a combinations of therapies, diet and exercises. The professionally trained therapists at Go Satvik provide the best therapies and diets for prolonged relief and better health. If you don’t have a healthy metabolism or digestion, then it may start problems like constipation. Constipation can be a very big issue as it further leads to many problems such as gastrointestinal problems, fatigue, joint pain, headache and so forth. At Go Satvik, we have treatments and therapies that help the patients in improving their metabolism, as well as digestion. Our therapies not only help in getting digestion better but also these therapies increase your immune system and cleanse the body from all of the toxins that may accumulate in your body because of constipation and hence eradicates the cause of many problems.

Gagandeep Kaur won over her prolonged dust allergy and digestive disorder by following GoSatvik​. She feels active and energetic after changing her lifestyle.
Harbir Singh, cured food poisoning in 3 days naturally!

Kidney Disorders (Stones/Uric Acid)

The kidneys are the most delicate organs of the body. They are subjected to extreme pressure while purifying the blood in the body. With today’s lifestyle, when we are ingesting so many toxins inside our bodies, the kidneys suffer a lot under huge stress and leads to various kidney problems. These problems can easily be avoided by changing some slight changes in the lifestyle, dieting and including some exercises. In addition to that, natural therapies offered at Go Satvik are very much helpful in successful treatment of the kidney problems. Along with the therapies, we also have trained and certified nutrition experts that can help you in making changes in your diet as well that will help in keeping kidney problems away.

Sikander Singh naturally reversed Uric Acid production in 5 weeks!

Liver Disorders

Liver Problems are results of bad habits, a busy lifestyles, alcohol, accumulation of toxins and many others. When the liver undergoes any problem or disease, It impacts the whole body. This is why, it is important to take care of liver. Natural therapies are very helpful in not only treating the problems but also enhancement of the liver health. Our nutrition experts also help you with the diet changes that may be necessary for keeping your liver healthy.

Surinder Pal Singh was suffering from severe migraine, fatty liver, stomach problems and fatigue. GoSatvik​ cured all his problems.

Male Sexual Problems

Many youngsters are depressed because of underlying sexual weakness. We offer nutrition and natural therapy to reverse these issues.

Prateek Singh suffered from Nightfall. By following Satvik diet and lifestyle, he was fully cured.

Obesity (Overweight)

Obesity is one of the major health problems that are prevailing all over the world. The sedentary lifestyles, along with wrong eating habits, and lack of workout has been contributing the most to problems like obesity in this world. If the obesity is not addressed more seriously, it can be a cause of some lethal health problems such as cardiovascular diseases, arthritis and so forth. At Go Satvik, we understand the root cause of the obesity, and then we help in cleansing of the body with the help of different modalities of yoga and nature-therapy. Along with that, we also have some counselling sessions that further help the patients in losing weight and stay healthy.

Bhargavi lost 3 kgs in 3 weeks with gosatvik diet. She got rid of knee pain.
Prateek Singh lost 15 kgs in 3 months!

Depression (Stress/Anxiety)

Depression is one such mental disorder that is not addressed in the society as it should be. Depression can be caused due to many factors such a medical health problems. Work stress, family stress or any post-traumatic stress. This stress causes many other psychological problems and depression is one of them. In order to treat depression, first of all, the person needs to take care of the stress in life. Along with that, therapies such as yoga, meditation, and so forth, are very helpful. Along with that, the person also needs to attend some counselling sessions that may help in identifying the sources of stress in life so that they could be removed. At Go Satvik, we offer psychological counselling along with the special natural therapies that help in treatment of depression to a great extent.

Jaskeerat Kaur, a Delhiite, was able to reverse anxiety and breathlessness, within few weeks of following GoSatvik​ lifestyle. She feels happy, energetic, active, by savoring natural diet and do breathing and relaxation exercises.

Influenza Like Illness (Covid-19)

Suman Negi, a resident of Uttrakhand, contacted the symptoms of flu like fever, loss of taste and smell. By following the 3 step flu diet of protocol of N.I.C.E she is fully recovered within a week.
Monika, a resident of Maharashtra, caught flu and had symptoms of fever, her daughter of 8 months also caught the virus, her temperature went to 103 F. His father did not take any medicines and cured the whole family with N.I.C.E natural protocol.
Arvind Kedare, a 40 year young man from Hyderabad, was tested positive for Corona Virus, within 3 days, he was cured with the 3 step diet protocol from N.I.C.E
Amandeep Singh, age 27, a Delhiite, contacted the Corona* virus and tested positive for it. After following the 3 step protocol he cured his fever, weakness and tested NEGATIVE for the Corona* virus.
He contacted fever and other symptoms on 20th September. He took medicines for 1 week but no relief. After contacting N.I.C.E his fever got cured in 1 day and now he’s healthy.
Kawaljit Singh, a resident of Mumbai, was tested positive for COVID-19 with fever as high as 103.5, cold and cough. He ate lots of medicines that degraded his health. He switched to natural treatment and recovered in 1 week.
Ravinder Singh, a resident of Lucknow, had symptoms of flu and cured it in 2 days.
Manoj Mishra, his father, his wife, his daughter, his son, his family everyone got positive CORONA virus report. They tried medicines but no relief was there. He stopped all medicines and followed the 3 step flu diet and got NEGATIVE corona virus report.