Do Face Masks Really Work?

An Introduction to New World Order


“Do Face Masks Really Work” is a compilation of top-grade scientific studies that refute the claim that wearing a face mask is safe and effective. Face masks are widely recommended by most health organizations during any “pandemic” season. However, there is no scientific evidence that can conclude the benefits of wearing a face mask. At the same time, a plethora of evidence suggests that wearing face masks for longer duration can cause hypoxia, hypercapnia, headaches, breathing difficulties, cardiovascular implications and nervous system changes leading to exacerbation of existing chronic diseases, especially asthma, bronchitis, migraines, and Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder.

Dr. Kamalpreet Singh also introduces the reader to the New World Order Agenda – a plan to control the world through a state of total surveillance by the tyrant forces. It includes planned depopulation, disease mongering, abolition of religion, digital identity, digital currency, mandatory vaccinations, gender confusion, travel restrictions, isolation of humanity and a social credit score system. Private ownership of land and property will be forbidden. Every conversation, purchase, physical activity, location, emotion, and even every thought will be recorded by data harvesting technologies and artificial intelligence. Practical solutions to prepare for future challenges are also described in this book.”

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