Advanced Nutrition Therapy

The book is in top 5 Best-Seller in Diabetes on Amazon Canada


This book focuses on plant-based diet with abundance of raw fruits and vegetables to reverse diseases which have been labelled as irreversible or incurable by the modern-day medical industry. After reading this book you will be able to maintain a healthy body weight, reverse chronic lifestyle diseases, get rid of adverse drugs and medications, teach healthy eating habits to your friends and family, and become an asset to the society and community. Anyone with no prior knowledge of medical science, nutrition or diet can take benefit from the simplified explanations of topics.

Our Clients


This book does an amazing job at explaining nutrition and healthy lifestyle for beginners. I was struggling with being overweight. I followed the diet plan provided in the book by Dr. Kamalpreet for 3 months strictly and I was able to lose 30 pounds naturally! I feel better physically and mentally. This book has drastically changed my life! Highly recommended!!

– Harkirat Kaur

Please read this amazing book once in lifetime. This is not just a book, it’s a whole nutritional lifestyle for a better and healthy life. I implemented knowledge from this book on some of my known friends and relatives.
You will be shocked to know that within 3-4 months they are not much dependent on insulin and now they can maintain their sugar level in healthy range.

– Dr. Vinay Mehra

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