What is GoSatvik

Certified Nutrition Therapist
Certified Diabetes Educator

Kamalpreet Singh
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Following the Satvic lifestyle empowers you to become your own doctor. Your kitchen becomes your hospital. You live a natural life and as a by-product, cure all chronic lifestyle diseases you might be suffering from – simply by changing your food & eating habits. Let us come together and save humanity from epidemic of modern lifestyle diseases.

Kamalpreet Singh?

Kamalpreet Singh is a Health Educator from Ontario, Canada. He shares knowledge to cure chronic lifestyle diseases by adopting natural lifestyle and healthy eating habits. He firmly believes that nature has been perfectly designed and human activities are causing an imbalance in nature, both in the external environment and internal body system. He discovered the healing powers of food and herbs when he reversed his major health problems. Just by changing his diet and lifestyle, he was able to cure his intestinal disorder, constipation & gastritis.

His pursuit to heal people fostered him to obtain knowledge from various prestigious institutes of Health and Nutrition. Now he is spreading the knowledge through his videos and seminars worldwide, as a non-profit social initiative to mankind.