What is Go Satvik

“Go Satvik: Goodbye to Drugs and Diseases” is a health education platform, formed with an aim to bring health and happiness in our lives. We provide holistic knowledge about health, as inspired from our scriptures verified by evidence and experience.


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Evidence that Pandemic was “Planned”

Side Effects of C19 Vaccine

Ocean Singh lost 10 kgs in 1 month!

Healing Stories

Our clients who reversed their chronic lifestyle diseases have shared their healing stories to spread a ray of hope for others who are suffering everyday due to disease complications. You must watch them and prepare yourself for a self-healing journey.

Toronto Freedom Rally

Kamalpreet Singh Khalsa delivers a message at freedom rally Queens Park 24th July on Truth, Freedom and Health!

Health Interviews

Dr. Kamalpreet Singh has been interviewed extensively by national and international media channels on the topic of disease reversal through Whole Food Plant Based Diet.

Talking with International Experts

Dr. Kamalpreet Singh has been actively engaged to create an integrated system of medicine that is most effective, efficient and harmless to the patient. To deliver this idea, he has been interviewing medical experts from around the world. Some of these interviews are available here to watch.

Dr. Carrie Madej served as a private clinician and medical director of clinics in Georgia.
Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury is an internationally renowned medical nutritionist with PhD in Diabetes

Advance Nutrition Therapy Online Course

Advance Nutrition Therapy Course Content:

  1. Five pre-recorded training videos.
  2. Advance Nutrition Therapy E-Book.
  3. Final exam will be conducted online.

What our clients say

It’s been less than a month my mother started taking GoSatvik diet. She says her BP is now in control and surprisingly her varicose veins is gone. It’s great. Thanks.

― Amrik Singh, Sikh Activist, Chandigarh

I am amazed with the results of Satvik Diet. I lost 8 kgs of excess weight in just 1 month.

― Ocean Singh, MMA Expert, New Delhi

I had sugar levels going as high as 500 mg/dl. By following Satvik diet and lifestyle, my diabetes is fully reversed. My sugar levels remain below 140 and surprisingly my first meal of the day is mangoes.

― Swaran Singh, 62 yr old, no longer Diabetic