What do HONEST scientists say about covid-19?

There are two types of scientists: those that are bought by Big Pharma… and those that are not. The ones who serve financial and political purposes are the ones who get the largest platforms in the media and in governments. They will say anything in order to cash in millions of dollars.

The ones who are speaking the true scientific facts, are often silenced or simply ignored.

That’s why I have listed the true scientific findings of these honest experts concerning Covid-19 on this page. Since the mass media is owned by Big Pharma they will never tell you these facts and will even hide them from you at all costs.

Enjoy this liberating truth and share it wherever you can…

Message for humanity during mass protest

The ‘Doctors for Information’ publish a weekly newspaper on over 500,000 (!) copies, to expose the covid corruption and set the people of Germany free from to totalitarianism and tyranny by corrupt governments. They also organize mass protests, like the one on August 29, where over 4 million from all over Europe people flooded the streets of Berlin.


Dr. Roger Hodkinson, Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons committee in Ottawa, CEO of a large private medical laboratory in Edmonton, Alberta and Chairman of a Medical Biotechnology company SELLING THE COVID-19 TEST:

“There is utterly unfounded public hysteria driven by the media and politicians. This is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspected public. There is absolutely nothing that can be done to contain this virus. This is nothing more than a bad flu season. It’s politics playing medicine and that’s a very dangerous game.

“There is no action needed…Masks are utterly useless. There is no evidence whatsoever they are even effective. It is utterly ridiculous seeing these unfortunate, uneducated people walking around like lemmings obeying without any evidence. Social distancing is also useless… The risk of death under 65 is 1 in 300,000…response is utterly ridiculous.

Is there a risk of infection during shopping?

Professor Hendrik Streeck of the University of Bonn is the leading virologist of Germany. He led a study in the most affected area in Heinsberg, Germany. The results of his study are:

‘There’s no risk of getting the disease if you go shopping. Serious outbreaks of the infection were always the result of people being very close over long periods of time.’

Professor Hendrick Streek, University of Bonn

It also turned out that it was not possible to transmit the virus via handles, telephones or toilets. This leading virology professor concludes: 

‘Decisions for action were taken on the basis of assumptions and not on the basis of scientific facts.’


Should we practice social distancing?

The idea that we should keep a distance of at least six feet is, according to experts, based on a completely unsubstantiated document from 1930. One of the UK’s leading physicians, professor Robert Dingwall, advised British Prime Minister Boris Johnson:

‘I think it will be much more difficult to enforce some of the measures, which really have no evidence base. I mean, the six-feet rule is conjured up out of nowhere.’

Professor Robert Dingwall

What are the chances of contamination?

A 22-year-old Chinese woman was admitted to hospital with heart problems. After three days she recovered, but then she tested positive for covid-19. This alarmed the hospital staff, because the past few days she had come into contact with hundreds of different people, including family, fellow patients and hospital staff: 455 people in total! There was great concern that several of these people had become infected. Therefore, an extensive investigation was started. What turned out to be the case?

Of the 455 people with whom she had interaction in the past five days, NOBODY had been infected. Not a single person!

This extensive research proves that someone who has Covid-19 without symptoms is not likely to transmit the virus. That was confirmed by a WHO spokeswoman:

‘The data shows us that it’s extremely rare for someone who has no symptoms to transmit the virus to someone else.’


How protective are face masks?

A large scale study was conducted to determine once and for all, whether face masks are useful for dentists. The result of this historic study was surprising: 

‘These and other studies show that viruses or other submicron particles are not filtered by face masks.’

Dr John Hardie, BDS, MSc, PhD, FRCDC

The Canadian scientist D.G. Rancourt is a renown expert on face masks. He strongly says: 

‘Masks and respirators don’t work. There are extensive randomized controlled trials (RCT), and meta-analysis reviews of RCT studies, all of which show that masks and respirators do not work to prevent respiratory influenza-like diseases, or respiratory illnesses.’

D.G. Rancourt

The World Health Organization recently reported that face masks are only needed for healthy people working with someone infected by covid-19. Others do not have to wear it at all.

‘If you don’t have breathing problems like coughing, running nose or fever, you don’t have to wear a mask.’


Face masks increase risk of infection

A very extensive study carried out by nine scientists shows that the prolonged use of face masks in fact increases the risk of infection! 

This study is the first RCT of mouth masks, and the results warn against the use of face masks. 

Moisture retention, re-use of face masks and poor filtration can lead to an increased risk of infection.’

British Medical Journal

Face mask manufacturers warn:
no protection against a virus

Some honest manufacturers of face masks correctly inform their users that their products offer no protection against covid-19 and other viruses. If these medical ear loop masks – that have multiple layers (!) – don’t help, then the self fabricated masks offer no protection either.

On the contrary: they block oxygen flow, which weakens the body and therefore lowers the immune system, which results in higher risk of infection.

600 Medical doctors: ‘Lockdown is a serious accident with massive casualties’

The devastation caused by the lockdowns is many times greater than anyone can imagine. More than 600 American medical doctors wrote a letter to President Trump in which they call the lockdown a ‘serious accident with massive casualties’.

‘This is a huge mistake. The damage caused by the measures is much greater than covid19 itself. The number of suicide calls has increased by 600%. The lives of millions of people are at risk because of the lockdown.’


Top scientist says lockdowns are useless

The world renown epidemiologist Dr. Knut Wittkowski studied the lockdowns and revealed how they did nothing to prevent the spread of Covid-19. This internationally respected scientist shared his findings in a video, and was censored immediately.


Sincere scientists reveal how face masks don’t help but increase the risk of infection. Social distancing has no scientific basis. There is no risk of infection outdoors, in shops or in restaurants. The only way to transmit covid-19 is to stand face-to-face to someone who has a cough and a fever. The mortality rate of Covid-19 is the same as that of seasonal flu. Bought scientists on the other hand, hide every cure from humanity, so they could cash in from selling billions of vaccines. They create mass hysteria, to further this agenda. 

Abusing ‘science’ to deceive humanity

Big Pharma and their legions of corrupt scientists – who will do anything for money – have discovered something: it is very easy to manipulate the whole world. Simply says ‘science says’ and most people will believe anything you say. This is a principle most scientists, politicians, media and industry leaders have discovered long ago. 

Fear turns people into puppets

Science is not the only magic tool for mass manipulation. It works even better when combined with another element: fear. This was explained by the convicted war criminal and Nazi leader, Hermann Goering. During World War II almost the entire German population – which were just people like you and me! – supported the plans of Adolf Hitler to murder millions of innocent people. How was it possible that Hitler was praised by an entire nation for commiting the most horrendeous crimes? After the war, during the famous Neuremberg trials, the notorious Nazi leader Hermann Goering was asked this very question. His answer was:

‘The key is FEAR. If you make people afraid of something, they will do anything you tell them to do.

Hitler made the German people afraid of Jews, so they agreed to kill them all. Fear is a mighty weapon for mass manipulation. Especially if that fear is backed up by ‘science’. 

During the covid19 pandemic this is the nr 1 used principle to impose totalitarian control on the public worldwide. ’Science says we’re all gonna die, if we don’t lock down our entire nation!’ ‘Science says we should all wear face masks, or we will all get this deadly virus!’ ‘Science says…’

Manipulating the masses has never been easier. Simply combine ‘science’ with ‘fear’ and people turn into puppets that do everything you want. 

People will even wear face masks out in the open air, where there is zero chance of contracting covid19. Many will wear face masks in their own cars, without anyone else being around from whom they could possibly contract any disease. Believe it or not, but some even wear face masks at home! Others sleep with their face masks on…

People do the most irrational things, because ‘scientists’ told them to be afraid.