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Covid-19 will not end till 2024.

Infertility Vaccine
Depopulation Agenda
Sikhs in World Wide Freedom Rally
कोविड-19 वैक्सीन लेने से पहले इसे देखें!
Protest Speech

5 Reasons to Decline Covid-19 Vaccine:

Death of Dr. KK Aggrawal from Corona Virus after taking both doses of vaccine:

TORONTO: 15th May 2021

Truth of Ramdesivir Injection:

Vaccine Injury: Part 1

How to end this plandemic?

Watch this before taking the Covid-19 Vaccine!

Latest Speech in Brampton:

TORONTO: 15th May 2021

LIVE: Oxygen Issue in India!

Why Delhi is in Corona Panic?

Vaccine Injury: Part 2

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Farmers – Hypocrisy – Politics – Sikhs – Vaccines

Conspiracy to finish our next generation

Response to Tan Dhesi MP, UK

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Response to Sikh Council UK

Save Punjab from Vaccine

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Truth of Vaccines