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15 Minute Online Consultation

Consultation sessions are 1:1 appointments with Kamalpreet Singh, to work on your personal health goals.


  • Professional advise at affordable price
  • Kamalpreet Singh takes a full health history, and understands your health goals, nutrition concerns, your lifestyle, food preferences, schedule and all of the information he needs to create a customized nutrition plan for you.
  • 15 Minutes Call duration
  • Private and Secured

Book your Appointment in 3 steps:

  1. Pay fees of Rs. 500 if you are currently in India. If you are outside India then fees is Rs. 1,100 (CA$ 20)

2. Send the Screenshot/receipt of payment on WhatsApp +91 97184 22691

3. Fix your preferred appointment slot.

NOTE: The above consultation charges do not include any diet plan. Charges for customized diet plan will be EXTRA.